Friday, February 19, 2010

Gary Beytin: It's a family affair for acting chiropractor

Gary Beytin (Photo: Gary Beytin)

Gary Beytin, a practicing chiropractor, came late to acting but he’s making up for lost time. A CMT parent since 1997, he’s acted in alumni and marquee shows since Peter Pan (2000). In addition to CMT Gary appeared in the 2009 indie film Cheer Up Sam which was submitted to the Sundance Film Festival. He also was invited to appear in two short films.

His first CMT role was Mr. Darling in Peter Pan. The Beytin family got into the act in Annie (2001) with Gary as Daddy Warbucks and his two daughters as orphans. He credits CMT with “instilling confidence in them that has been everlasting.”

His wife Cindy, also a chiropractor, has been involved with CMT as the president of the parents auxiliary for seven years and working backstage. Together, she and Gary own Almaden Chiropractic Center in San Jose.

Still, Gary makes time for acting, recently appearing as Fagin (his favorite role) in CMT’s Oliver! (2009). “Acting has provided a way to escape to another world, express myself and be surrounded by great talent and friends,” he said.

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