Friday, February 19, 2010

Stephanie Faso: Special needs performer finds second home at CMT

Stephanie Faso (Photo: Erin Faso)

As a third grader, Stephanie Faso was obsessed with the Disney movie Annie (she loved pretending she was Annie in the floor-mopping scene). When she heard that CMT was staging Annie, she begged her mother to call the theater.

Erin Faso wasn’t sure there would be a place for her daughter. Stephanie, who has had cerebral palsy since birth, speaks by typing into a computer and is confined to a wheelchair. CMT welcomed Stephanie and the love was mutual.

Though she has no favorite show, Leader of the Pack (2007) was memorable because it was energetic and fun yet a more mature role. “Being onstage was awesome. I felt so alive and free and it built my self-confidence.” Stephanie added that “the choreography of theater is way more challenging than physical therapy.”

Now a DeAnza College student, Stephanie projects her passion for theater and CMT in every movement. “CMT has been a second home; a part of my identity.”

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