Friday, February 19, 2010

Joy Osborne: From shy flower to international teacher and CMT board member

Joy Osborne (Photo: Joy Osborne)

“I’m a purple pansy.” Joy Osborne still remembers her only line in CMT’s Jack and the Beanstalk. She laughed at the memory of the outgoing athletic 8-year-old playing a shy flower. “At an early age I found a home for my talents,” she said.

Joy, a NetApp recruiter and current CMT board member, has appeared in a total of 20 CMT shows. After taking a break to attend college, she spent four years teaching, beginning in Cupertino. A longing to teach abroad led to two years in Tanganyika,Tanzania where she learned some Swahili and worked with international educators and students.

When Joy returned to CMT in her first Marquee show Big (1999), it was as if she had never left. “I thought, I’m home again.”

Her favorite adult production was Ragtime (2008). She described it as “a true family show” with the performers lighting up the stage and everyone being given the opportunity to shine.

“CMT provided me with the life skills and self-assurance to live life with passion and confidence,” said Joy. “Lessons learned in the rehearsal halls and on stage gave me the ability to take on any challenge that comes my way.”

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